Fish Species

Sandbar Shark

Sandbar Shark


■Snout broadly rounded and short
■First dorsal fin triangular and very high
■Poorly developed dermal ridge between dorsal fins
■Brown or gray in color with white underside
■Upper and lower teeth finely serrated

Sandbar sharks are a nearshore fish typically found at depths ranging from 60 to 200 feet.

These sharks are both predators and scavengers. Feeding occurs chiefly near the bottom on fish and shellfish. Sandbar sharks migrate long distances and they mature at about 6 feet in length.

State Record:
This species is not currently eligible for a state record.

Fishing Tips and Facts:

Additional Information:
Sandbar sharks are similar in appearance to the dusky shark, Carcharhinus obscurus; and the bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas.

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